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Easy to Use

Assembly, changeout, shipping and storage are all a breeze with SEGs. Best of all, change them on demand.


SEGs can be designed to perfectly fit your space. Mount it on the wall, freestand it, suspend it or retrofit it.


The artwork you choose is printed on stretch fabric and can live in a frame up to 10 feet high and any length.

See SEGs in Action

Enough words. Here’s what silicone edge graphics can bring to your space.



ER2 Image Group is a REXframe® Authorized Dealer

REXframe is the next big thing in signage, and ER2 Image Group sells, prints, cuts, assembles and installs the cutting-edge SEGs. Want to know more about this exciting technology? Give us a call at 630-980-4567 or complete the form and we’ll be in touch.

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